What are Doomsday Preppers?

Doomsday Preppers was a reality television series that was aired on National Geographic from 2011 through 2014.  Doomsday Preppers is also a popular term for someone that is preparing for the end of the world or catastrophic event or unknown situation. Those events could include but are not limited to economic collapse, nuclear war, food shortages, terrorism, hurricanes, tornados, or even earthquakes.

Preppers Have Been Around Since America Was Settled.

Preppers have been around since America was settled, they just were not called “Preppers”. They were called Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, and Great Grandpa. Prepping back then was just known as everyday living.

The U.S. Government has always advised the American population to be a prepper.

The U.S. Government has always advised the Americans to be prepared. Rather it was to have every home keep chickens in the backyard, or “The First 72 Are On You” promotion during a hurricane. Preppers have always been an American way of life.

A Prepper comes in many different forms and personalities.

Many people may never even consider themselves a prepper, but if someone has a garden, does canning, raises livestock, keeps bees, or practices holistic and all-natural medicines just to name a few. They are a prepper on some level. So even if you think you are not a prepper, deep down inside, you just maybe.

Preppers have many levels of preparation.

 Some preppers may only keep a case of water and some extra toilet paper while other preppers have multi-million dollar bug-out locations. Some even have bug-out vehicles to get out of town if needed.

Most preppers start out with a low level of preps with maybe some canned food and extra water. But if you are ever in a situation that you were not prepared, you will definitely start increasing your preparation.

Being prepared is not a straight line. It is a long journey that everyone should start slow, and if you ever need it, you will be glad you are a prepper.